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I have almost completely recovered from a leaking aneurysm that was intent on ending my days here on earth. As of now I am going to try to get back into the swing of things and start a new project. Look forward to it and if it’s been done, don’t tell me! LOL 🙂


Cats Eye has been licensed for N.A. where I reside and as such I cannot release any more episodes. I have been in very poor health and have had other issues that have prevented me from responding until now.
No, TMU is nor dead, just on indefinite hiatus..
My next project is just getting started and will be releasing within 2 weeks. Stay tuned.

I am just about ready to release some more cats… stay tuned.

until then enjoy this thought:

—Our Lady of the Night–

In glorious twilight she dances
The dance of death
She dances and dances
As she leads us to our graves
Dancing to the ebb and flow of time
She dances on
In glorious twilight
Whirling gently across the ground
Shining softly in the light
She dances on
As she leads us to our graves
Dancing gently as we sleep
The lady of the night

I have had health issues for awhile now and it makes for difficulties at home. I hope to have Cats back on track soon, plz bear with me.

Hiatus and Me…

I am going on hiatus (that’s break in latin) for a bit longer. Sorry for the late notice.

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty…

The rest of Cat’s Eye will get done. I will release them on a different tracker though. They will come out as a full batch. Don’t despair I will post the link here when they are done.

Kissanime and all you other streaming sites (waoanime… animeget etc.) you know who you are.. you just killed it …Cat’s Eye is Officially Dead untill those sites stop streaming for profit on my hard work… OR they will have to pay royalties on my interpretation (Hell why not. Anime companies copyright their English language version scripts.) So if you like Cat’s Eye Tell them to scrub off!!!

Ta Da!!!!

Okay now. I am back in the game with only 20 of these left to do so I am shooting for 1 or 2 a week. I have all the scripts and some are worse then others but they will get done.
Without further ado here is…

Cats S2e53:


Sh*t Happens…

MY old computer hated me I guess. It went the way of the Dodo and left me out in the cold so to speak. I finally got this cheap ass acer to work but so far it shows NO abilities in the multi-tasking dept. I should be back in full swing shortly plz be patient. I do have the last episodes TL’d and partly timed I just need to do the edits and finalizing. Cat’s 53 ahould be out in a day or two (I hope) so wait for it patiently. It’s nice to get back to work on these for you!

State Sponsored Vacations…

I highly recommend you take care of your legal troubles right away! I had an outstanding warrant that was 5 years old and it came back to bite me in the ass. The good news is that I am now legally free and clear. Part of the reason I have been gone so long is that I convinced the Judge that instead of a fine I should just sit it out. That means that I can get back to work on Cats Eye!