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Cats Eye has been licensed for N.A. where I reside and as such I cannot release any more episodes. I have been in very poor health and have had other issues that have prevented me from responding until now.
No, TMU is nor dead, just on indefinite hiatus..
My next project is just getting started and will be releasing within 2 weeks. Stay tuned.


I have had health issues for awhile now and it makes for difficulties at home. I hope to have Cats back on track soon, plz bear with me.

Hiatus and Me…

I am going on hiatus (that’s break in latin) for a bit longer. Sorry for the late notice.

Kissanime and all you other streaming sites (waoanime… animeget etc.) you know who you are.. you just killed it …Cat’s Eye is Officially Dead untill those sites stop streaming for profit on my hard work… OR they will have to pay royalties on my interpretation (Hell why not. Anime companies copyright their English language version scripts.) So if you like Cat’s Eye Tell them to scrub off!!!

It has come to my attention that people are hitting and running… Please seed back at least one to one on the torrents so that I don’t have to carry the burden all by myself. Also after about 2 weeks I WILL clean out the hard drive and only keep the resolution of an encode that I want. This means if you want the 1080p of one of my earlier encodes some one has to seed back because I only keep 720p. Why? Well for me it’s a compromise between quality and space. Unless someone wants to donate a 2TB or 4TB external we have to bear our crosses. I am broke so no new equipment for me for at least a year (or more). Thank you for flying AIR TMU and have a happy holiday!

Someone asked if my subs can be watched online. My answer is— I hope not. While I do regard fan subs as a grey area I hope that if you like an anime enough you will BUY it when licensed in your country/region. I do this so that obscure or forgotten anime can be enjoyed by many, many more people outside of Japan.

Be a good Otaku, support licensed anime when available!


As Requested…

As requested. Labled as Raw because the BD had all of the languages and subs on it.
Audio languages: English, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish…
Subtitles: same as languages with commentary tracks, standard subs and CC for hearing impaired.
Some or all of the language and subtitle tracks may be mislabeled. don’t blame me blame the program I used to rip it. (Hybrid) A Handbrake style ripping and encoding tool.





I like xXxHolic so i looked for a BD rip of Shumuki I could play. unfortunately I didn’t find one so had to make one myself. Here is my gift to those that can’t play 1080p 10bit encodes. xXx Holic Shumuki OVA in 720p 8bit!

xXxHolic Shumuki ova:

P.S. I used modified AonE scripts so if you like them visit their website!


The First of Many…

I am now back in the groove. Here is the first on many more anime episodes soon to be available. Surprise! It isn’t Cat’s Eye, that’s next.

Ah! My Goddess OAD 2013:


I was Asked to help with a FAQ for another group. One question that is sometimes asked is How do you do subtitles? So… in the spirit of fairness and complete honesty I decided to answer. This is how we do it!

This is the biggest secret we keep as fansub groups.

This is the biggest secret we keep as fansub groups.