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It has come to my attention that people are hitting and running… Please seed back at least one to one on the torrents so that I don’t have to carry the burden all by myself. Also after about 2 weeks I WILL clean out the hard drive and only keep the resolution of an encode that I want. This means if you want the 1080p of one of my earlier encodes some one has to seed back because I only keep 720p. Why? Well for me it’s a compromise between quality and space. Unless someone wants to donate a 2TB or 4TB external we have to bear our crosses. I am broke so no new equipment for me for at least a year (or more). Thank you for flying AIR TMU and have a happy holiday!


Brought to you by a series we have all been waiting for over 13 years for. Just a bit over 12 hours left to co-ordinate releases and it’s a coup for [Aozora-TMU]! I will leave you now with the knowledge you are going to die happy! Well maybe sooner I hope! … Looks like later at the moment…now on to Cat’s Eye!

Suprisu! The End:


Special thanks to Ruu-chan and Redbird-chan of Aozora for TL/TLC timing (mostly) of the Kara (which I messed up a couple times) as well as the ability to put up with me! Without their help I would still be struggling to get things done. Arigato Ladies!
Any mistranslations flat out lies and other mistakes are all mine.

Here They come…

Here comes the first in the next batch of Cat’s Eye. It looks like I will have 1 or 2 out a week till the end… Which is better then nothing when you consider this has been a solo project since the beginning. I really Hope that if this is picked up in N.A. that you will buy a copy. Here ye go!

Cat’s Eye Ep52: