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Someone asked if my subs can be watched online. My answer is— I hope not. While I do regard fan subs as a grey area I hope that if you like an anime enough you will BUY it when licensed in your country/region. I do this so that obscure or forgotten anime can be enjoyed by many, many more people outside of Japan.

Be a good Otaku, support licensed anime when available!



A Release From the Archives…

Since I haven’t had time to finish my release of the subbed episodes of HCPC here are the first 25 in glorious DvD quality. Followed by the extras and the last 24. Now the whole series has a DvD release!

HCPC 1-25 DvD raw :

HCPC DvD Extras:

HCPC 26-49 DvD raw :

More Delay…

This and that keeps coming up as you know. However encodes can be done while you sleep, do chores or (heaven forbid) you have to keep your family happy. Here are 2 more encodes of Girls Jousting… Oops, Walkure Romanze

Walkure Romanze BD 1080p :

Walkure Romanze BD 720p :


This Weeks Delay …

This weeks delay brought to you by… DAA! DAA! DAA! YES! Ep.77 means only one more to go! This is a good episode and everything you thought would happen earlier does. Just watch and be amazed.


And a surprise entry with [Horriblesubs] scripts.

Walkure Romanze BD 1080p disk 1:

Walkure Romanze BD 720p disk 1: