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I like xXxHolic so i looked for a BD rip of Shumuki I could play. unfortunately I didn’t find one so had to make one myself. Here is my gift to those that can’t play 1080p 10bit encodes. xXx Holic Shumuki OVA in 720p 8bit!

xXxHolic Shumuki ova:

P.S. I used modified AonE scripts so if you like them visit their website!



Slow and Steady…

These episodes are coming slow and steady. I should have another for you by the end of the week month…Here’s to hope, ne? The Lindy is an old jazz dance style that came back in the 80’s and is enjoying a resurgence today. Just google it if you get curious.

Cat’s Eye S2Ep49:

Why write a whole new entry? Enjoy the zaniness here!

Cat’s Eye S2ep50: