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On That Note…

Here at TMUsubs we proudly support the tradition of getting you the goods even if it kills us. My friends at luurah have asked me to go over their scripts for a series that never got the love it deserved. Due to my bad influence and the constant need for anime that hasnt been oversubbed or licensed we proudly bring you by way of Europe, Daikengo!


If you are allergic to giant robots and/or transforming robots from the 70’s, approach with caution. This series is a precursor to the robot series we all loved in the 80’s.

Enjoy?  … Enjoy!


And Another Anime…

Here is the long awaited episode 75 of Daa! Daa! Daa! Valintines is so stressful don’t you think?

DDD Ep75:

Aozora hardsub:


Half a Century…

Hello everyone I have a BD release for you on my bd.. get it?.. Today is the day that marks my half century … and yes, yes I am. 50 years old and still watching cartoons!

Well anime at least. Here is the next Cat’s Eye in glorious BD.

Cat’s Eye S2ep48:


The First of Many…

I am now back in the groove. Here is the first on many more anime episodes soon to be available. Surprise! It isn’t Cat’s Eye, that’s next.

Ah! My Goddess OAD 2013:


My First Drop…

At this point I will have to drop HCPC. Commie is doing a re-TL/etc. from the BS11 broadcast. This means that I will release the DvD raws for those that want them. Feel free to dl them when I have them out. I am truly sorry about that but I have been really busy and havent been able to get to them as I would have liked.

More Cat’s soon!