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Dang Nab It…

I have good news for those that have my Cat’s Eye DVD S1 series. Episode 30 got corrupted so right now I am fixing it. I do not have the original any more so I am going to use the 480p BD rip to replace it. Those that are waiting for it so they can burn it to DVD can get it soon tm.


Cat’s Eye Ep30v2:

Sorry about that. Enjoy!


A Victim of My Own Success…

I have become a victim of my own success. So many people want me to help with things that I am running out of reasons to say no… Right now I have another DDD and another Cat’s Eye brewing so i should have those within the week. Ray=out has retained my services as a timer and editor for another oldie but goodie so please look forward to that series as well. I will post links and such when the releases start flowing. So until next time, ja ne!