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While You Wait…

When I decide to get some sleep i usually have an encode going so as to utilize the downtime. What this means is that a lot of things are getting encoded but the subbing process still takes awhile. So for those that want to take the time and softsub this here ye go: Sugar Sugar Rune DVD x264/aac (640×480).

The person i had contact with about sub files hasn’t gotten back to me so I am getting these out now brfore they are forgotten.

SSR 1~51 DvD (x264/aac 640×480):

If you have the subs for this let me know and we can work something out.


And the next Queen is—

And the next Queen is—

Good news everyone! I just got a email from the person who did the subs for 30 and onwards i have his subs and some subs he pointed out for me. I will put this in the todo list now!


As Promised…

As I promised here is some new anime for you! Sorry for the delay but you know how it goes, this that and the other thing happens then massive delays set in. Hopefully I can keep the delays to a minimum but no guarantees.

Cats Eye Ep47:

DDD EP74(final edit):