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Holidays and Delays…

Holidays… You just gotta love how the family really thinks all your attention must be focused at home. after the holiday i will be back on track with more cat’s Eye for you!… So have yourself some fun and enjoy the day off!


External HDD Woes…

Currently my external HDD is in disarray… As soon as I can get it in order I will be back and better than ever!… Look forward to better Cat’s and a return of HCPC (we hope)…

Hello there and how are ya! This post is to welcome aboard my new QC Madkracker! He will be helping with the derps and outright lies committed in the name of fansubbing. Cat’s Eye will now get the love and attention it needs after my eyes bleed getting these done. On another note, Some of my other projects will slow down as well because life is kicking me in the teeth..

I will endeavour to release at least 2 episodes of Cat’s Eye a week, but I may sneak in extra now and then. Let’s see this through to the end!

Hello Cat’s Eye fans. here we have the long-awaited conclusion to the co-habitation special. What will happen to our lovely Cat’s?… What will happen to Toshi? What will Hitomi think of her man now?… All these questions will be answered and more! Then our lovely ladies go on another wild adventure in the following episode.

Cat’s Eye S2Ep43:

Cat’s Eye s2Ep44:


Whats this about a hiatus you say?… oh that, well Since I have a full plate I will have to put HCPC on hold for the moment. Between all the duties I have as the sole operator here at TMUsubs I need to prioritize my projects. So for the forseeable future, I will concentrate on Cat’s eye. If you must blame somebody blame Mother Nature. I really could use more hands.

Ja ne~

Sneek release DDD74:

I was Asked to help with a FAQ for another group. One question that is sometimes asked is How do you do subtitles? So… in the spirit of fairness and complete honesty I decided to answer. This is how we do it!

This is the biggest secret we keep as fansub groups.

This is the biggest secret we keep as fansub groups.

More Hearts…

Here are 2 more Heartcatch Precure for you. Revelations abound about Tsubomi’s parents and Cure Moonlight. In ep 9 we see how Tsubomi’s parents met… In ep 10 we are introduced to… Well lets just say it’s someone we know. Look forward to getting deeper into the Precure universe in the weeks to come!

HCPC 09:

HCPC 10:


These Cat’s Eye episodes for S2 are going to slow down soon. I only have 1~9 trulely ready. After I get them out I will have to do 10~37 from scratch. What this means to you is that instead of 2 or 3 episodes every few days, I will be doing 1 or 2 a week. I know it’s slow but I can only do so much myself. If you think you can help, just drop me a line on what you want to help with.

Right now I really need one person who likes to watch old anime and can be my QC. That’s quality control if you are unfamiliar with terms. What they would do is to just make sure nothing is broken or sooooo bad I have to re-do stuff. I can keep on doing what I do, just because I enjoy it. but a little help can go a long way to make things faster. AND — Please do not modify the subs yourself. The reason for this is that if the subs are modified without my knowledge or I disapprove of the change, it can lead to confusion. Thank you to those that offer to help.

Here is another batch of Cat’s Eye;






Here are 2 more Heartcatch Precure for you while you wait for more Cat’s. First loves can be a bit awkward as Tsubomi finds out in episode 7. Sibling rivalry takes a new turn in Episode 8. How will our  spunky girls handle day-to-day life along with duties as precure?!?… find out in these episodes!

HCPC 07:

HCPC 08:


[Hybrid-TMU] Ebiten - Mirai Iro no Yakusoku [BD][720p-FLAC][983FC79B].mkv_snapshot_03.35_[2013.05.02_03.34.34]


I am working on getting all the ebiten series and specials as well as the extra’s done. While you wait here is something I think you might enjoy!

Opening PV ~Mirai Iro no Yakusoku~ 720p[flac]:

Look there…on the right of this page… go visit my friends at Hybrid as well as the other fine folks listed. I am sure you will find more things to enjoy.

It has again come to my attention that what I do here is not professional. Well I have never claimed to be one so it’s not as much as a dig as it could be. The thing is that we, the fansub groups, do this for our own enjoyment and let others in on the fun. For myself I like the series I do and if those who do not see them, they are free to look elsewhere. Okay okay, maybe I am a bit nettled. ROFLMAO. Anyone is free to enjoy what they enjoy and skip what they don’t. As for statements made reguarding quality (or lack thereof) well, tough nuggets. I am one man on a one man journey to make available what wasn’t available before. So enjoy my work or hate it, just enjoy yourself. I know I will continue as I have and hope those that like what I do will stay along for the ride!   ~~~ Oni