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BDvsDVD Round 1: Lots of people want BD releases of their favorite anime. Sometimes they are not available.

BDvsDVD Round 2: I am a one man release group so I am limited as to what I can do. If no BD or DVD rips are available I have to encode them myself.

BDvsDVD Final Round: I will endeavor to get the best quality of anime I work on out to the fans. Sometimes BD, sometimes DVD.

Winner: The fans. I will put out DVD rips of almost all of the anime I do because it’s easier for me to do so. BD encodes will be done only if I think I can do a good job. Also I will not be doing currently airing anime because I do not do translations, and other groups use CR/Funi edits. (That means they use “official” subs and just edit to their liking.) so in conclusion… there is no BD vs DVD … I will release what I can in the best quality I can get.  ….. Oni




And Batch 2…

This is the batch for Ebiten specials in case you were waiting…

Ebiten Special Batch:


Four Cat’s and a Batch…

Since there are only 4 episodes of Cat’s Eye left I am going to put out a batch torrrent. Nothing in the dvd batch will be V2’d because I will do that when I do a BD release of Season 1. Again, season 2 will be BD release only and all support for the season 2 divx encode have ceased. If you have those S2 releases you will need to replace them. Another reason I decided to do the last 4 episodes as a mass release is because the pace picks up and if you are like me, you need to see the next episode right away. Starting with episode 33 surprises and revelations are abundant. But don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you!

Cat’s Eye Season 1 Batch:   INCLUDES 1~36


More to Catch Your Heart…

I don’t care what anyone says! I liked this series enough to keep doing these DVD rips… I hope you enjoy them too!





HCPC01 v2:

This fixes the corruption issues.

Ebiten Specials… Done!

Here are the links to Ebiten specials that I am doing did as a joint with Kaito fansubs & Hybrid subs. Any mistakes, mistranslations, general awkwardness will be addressed in the final batch … when I make a final batch. That is entirely up to you, dear leachers. If it proves popular enough it is a possibility.


Ebiten Sp01:

Ebiten Sp02:

Ebiten SP03:

Ebiten Sp04:

Ebiten Sp05:

I will reblog this as things get done. 🙂

It’s done! Enjoy!

DDL provided by Hybrid (firefox/chrome only)

I have added a new page with the link to an xdcc page where you can get info on how to get my releases if you can’t torrent.



Here is an OVA I liked. Detatoko Princess. Why do this you ask? Well… the files i got on nyaa just would not play on my computer so I decided that I should help others in the same fix. This small little OVA is about a spoiled Princess and her adventures in the world when she is sent on a journey by her parents. Little do they know…. nope no spoilers!

DP Dual Audio Complete:


In these 2 Episodes of Cat’s Eye things heat up in different ways… Ep31 gives us a glimpse into how much Hitomi loves Toshi and vice versa… In ep32 the past comes back to bite our lovely Cat’s in unexpected ways… We are quickly nearing the end of season 1 and I hope you are ready by then for season 2!



And here is some more Heartcatch Precure for those that want it. PLUS! The opening and ending for DokiDoki Precure in dvd quality.



DokiDoki Precure OP-ED:

And the subs for DokiDoki-OPED:

Silly me I must have had a real bad streak of luck there…

Enjoy the shows!

J-Drama and You…

I made a friend over at Aozorasubs-(not the Italian guys). They are a group out of the Philippines that like J-drama and have asked for help with timing. If you are a timer and would like to help them go to: and let them know you would like to help. As for me I am going to help them a bit with their backlog. Wow… so one thing right and people want your help everywhere.  🙂  Hybrid subs will be picking up a couple shows for the summer so head on over there for newer anime. The show that started my oddesy Daa Daa Daa is now sort of un-stalled.

From my friends at Aozora and myself  DDD Ep 73:


Here I present Ebiten episode 9. Things get more and more intense for our heroines as Itsuki goes out of control. Epic references to all you favorite old school anime abound.

Ebiten Ep09:

EbitenEp10:    The End?

And on another note i have for you a gift! Yes a gift! This is a special treat for all of you that can’t wait for Cat’s Eye BD releases. The Open and ending portion of season 1 and season 2 in bd quality 720p.

CE S1 OpEd:

CE S1 OpEd SUBS! :    oops.

CE S2 OpEd:

Enjoy!… btw I have to do the encode on Ebiten episode 10 as well. (that’s why ep 9 is ac3 audio..) however it will take a bit.

Support for Cat’s Eye season 2 1~9 Divx will now cease. that means I am erasing them off my hard drive to make room for the BD releases.