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This computer I have is old. 7 years give or take a couple of months. I am very surprised that it has held out this long with all the abuse I put it through.  So if I miss a promised release time please bear with me. I promise I will not make any more promises. That way you will not be disappointed if I make a mistake and over-estimate reality. People say I haven’t been acquainted with reality for a long time anyway! Well to continue with an old trick here are 2 more Cat’s Eye episodes for you to enjoy. Also coming soon to a torrent near you, is the first in an ULTRA SECRET project consisting of 2 movies  something that I enjoyed very much and hope you will too.

Now for some Cat’s!





The More Confusing It Gets…..

Okay for all you fans of Ebiten out there, here is the scoop. the official name of the series is  Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmonbu or Ebiten: Ebisugawa Public High School Astronomical Club. Now, for the specials that came on the BD’s the name I am presented with is Ebiten: Doki Doki no Onsen Gasshuku or Ebiten: Exiting Training Camp at the Hot Springs.

I know, the english title is longer. Trust me in some cases the reverse (english title being shorter) can also happen. Here is the thing, someone somewhere thinks that the name on the specials may be a little off.  Well—– that may be true. However through my exhaustive research on your behalf (all 10 minutes of it) I have come to the conclusion that the title we released under, Ebiten: Doki Doki no Onsen Gasshuku, to be correct. Any confusing arguments to the contrary are all my fault because I don’t read Japanese and rely on translators to get it right.

So in conclusion if you are visiting from Hybrid or Kaito fansubs and disagree with the names on our release – I like it so it will stay that way. It also helps to keep the short specials seperated from the main series. So enjoy these highly provocative and doki doki specials! Sp2 coming soon to a torrent near you!

Okay for all you Cat lovers out there here are 2 more from season one. I am going to leave it on the cliffhanger for the second episode so that you will come back and look for the ending! Just kidding I have 2 more episodes on the way in a couple of days plus 2, yes 2 surprises shortly before or after. what are they?!?! Are they worthy?!?! I am not telling and yes, yes they are. so look forward to them.




and for you Asstronomy club lovers here is the long-awaited Ebiten special from volume 1:

Joint with and my friends at   thank you Kaito and Hybrid! They will be helping on the other specials as well so look forward to them! Don’t forget to go to their pages and check out the other fine Anime available.

Endless Waits are not Endless…

Here for your continued enjoyment are our favorite asstronomers. Wow who would have thought that this show would develop a plot? More drama then your average stargazing! Enjoy more dorama then you can shake a telescope at!




Kicking Back…

And here is another dose of our favorite Cat’s! This time there will be drama, tears and some real personal information from our lovely ladies. Though Rui-nee will still remain mysterious. I will get to another ep. soon probably later tonight, never fear it’s on its way! And here it is!




Hello again! this last week has been full of real life kicking me in the butt and slowing me down. However by saturday i should have at least 2 or 3 more Cat’s for you. Woo Hoo! Getting towards the end of season 1 and the translations of season 2 are coming along. Soon it will be all done and I will have to find a new show to tide me over. So far I have had fun with this so look forward to more fabulous hijinks from our favorite kittens! Also check out the links to the right for more up to date anime. Have fun and til next time…