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Here, Kitty Kitty Kitty…

Another dose of Cat’s Eye and an apology. It seems that these are going to take a bit longer because I am now helping out another group as a timer. The good news is that they are still getting done and season 2 now has a qc/editor. Welcome aboard Returnity! Two more episodes for your enjoyment coming right up. Episode 22 will make a lot of sence if you ignore some of the cultural context that has to be glossed over. However laughs and hijinks continue in these fun-filled chapters!

Ep 21:

Ep 22:



And Now It’s My Turn…

Hello and welcome to my site! At this time it has dawned on me I can’t read or write a lick of Japanese. I have a couple of Movies I would like to do but the sub streams are in Japanese. If anyone would like to help just drop a note and we will see what can be done. Now for the good news! Season 1 of cat’s Eye will be back on track shortly so stay tuned for more episodes in the near future. As for season 2 the new h.264 encodes are looking much better then the older divx encodes and will be in the season 2 part 1 batch coming soon(tm). Look forward to more of your favorite kittens in all new (well new to you) episodes!

Some Cat’s and a V2…

Here are Cat’s Eye 19 and 20. I also re-encoded Kaleido Star in H.264 for better video and smaller file size. Learning my way around isn’t always the easiest thing to do but I am sure having fun! The only annoying thing I have run into so far are those that say I don’t do a good job. Well tough nuggets! If people want to watch the shows I do for them then I must be doing something right!  LOL. I like working on these so please feel free to enjoy them.



KSova v2:


Now for the Good News….

Now for the good news … Cat’s Eye season 2 is going to get a V2. What do I mean you ask? I mean It will be encoded in a newer format (x264) and not in Xvid. that means cleaner video, crisper scenes and smaller file size. The bad news is that it will take a few days to re-encode all the episodes i have done so far but it will be worth it, I guarantee you that. So that’s the update for now. Look forward to some more season one soon!

Ebiten Vol.3

Here are the episodes for Ebiten Vol. 3.  As soon as I can get scripts for the OAD and the specials I will do those as well. However since I don’t know a lot of Japanese I will have to hold off for now. They are enjoyable though and hope someone can translate them soon. In these episodes we find out… oops no spoilers! The hilarity continues as our cast of Cute girls doing not so cute things go on a rampage. Also you may learn how NOT to put together a bento.

Episode 05:

Episode 06:


And Maybe a v2?

It seems that I may have a better encode of Cat’s season 2 in the offing. I am learning a new program and may be able to do an x264 encode of it. we will see if the quality is there or not. If it is then I will v2 S2Ep1~9 for the archival batch. If not it will be encoded the old way. Stay tuned! Also I will do future encodes of PVs the same way.

A Couple of Kitties…

Here are two more of the ever popular Cat’s Eye. This marks the halfway point in the first season of the series. I have decided to go ahead and finish off the first season before I do the rest of Season 2. Some delays occurred this week due to the superb owl or some such sporting match. Also a VN or 2 as well.

S1Ep 17: