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Cat’s Are Popular…

Cat’s Eye is getting better responses then i had hoped!… Here are a couple more episodes one from each season and some season one extras. The extras are just production stills in a slide show (theirs not mine) that I added some music to.






And Not Another Cat’s Eye…

This is the third OVA from the Kaleido Star franchise that I mentioned in an earlier post. It’s a series of shorts all rolled up into one episode featuring 3 stories and a musical number. each story is separate from the main series and consists of things the cast get up to when not working on the main stage. Although CG it’s very well done. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Here is Sora and the gang having fun:


Another Cat’s Eye…

Here is season 2 episode 8 for your enjoyment. More hijinks and silliness from our favorite sexy thieves! Oh, and a crime is solved too! Who woulda thunk it? Also I have to give credit to my Friends Mya and Some other guy who I forgot to ask about credits helped out with this… Mya with some script work on S2Eps01~07 and (the other guy) With styling… even though the styling was for season one I carried it over to the second season. Thnx guys!



Ebiten BD Redux…

Somehow my Ebiten BD ep 3 got corrupted… here is the REAL real deal… :

This should work… Now for #4…



Here are the single releases of Cat’s Eye that I said were coming. This time around the ending kara is different in all three eps. Give it a listen it’s something you should hear at least once. Part of the slowdown is the transcription of the lyrics. plus keeping up with three projects is difficult. Yes these are ready to watch so enjoy!   Ep 13   Ep 14   Ep 15

Place these in the season 1 ep 1~12 folder on download and they will be in one handy spot!


Ebiten BD

Ebiten BD 3 is here and done. You will notice some parts are a little underdone like no end kara (again) and the title entrance was just too different and I didn’t try to put anything there that wasnt there already. Also you may see some of y efforts at typesetting (as opposed to just style and timing) or it may be so good you miss it because it blends in so well. As soon as I get ep 4 done I will put the link here but not in a new post. It will be appended to this one. It will be done before monday and hopefully the rest will follow in quick succession.

Here is Ep 3: http…?!?!?!?    …. they say third times a charm…  Now it should work… it’s the real deal this time. that’s what I get for rushing..  😛

Lest ye be a fool, do as the wise. Lulwhut? For the remaining episodes of Cat’s Eye season 1, here’s the scoop. I am going to start putting out each ep in the  order that I get them done so that you do not have to wait a god-awful long time between releases. If you set the destination folder to the season 1 folder you have for the first 12 eps they will all be neatly arranged in a handy location.  This means that in the next few days you will get some more of season 1, just not a big batch all at once. there is something to be said for releasing one at a time. Its easier to show progress and it saves a good amount of time saying over and over that it’s being done. Not that too many have complained yet. As for the Ebiten BDs they will come out as soon as i get 720p raws. I could do the encoding but the file size and format would be a lot different from current BD releases so I am going to do it the hard way and wait for the nice guys that DO do the encodes. It also saves me some time to actually work on projects instead of waiting for this toaster I call a computer to finish the heavy work. So enjoy the shows as they are released.


These are just flying out the door! New episodes of Cat’s Eye season 2 this time, it’s a sexy arc of 2 that will leave you laughing and wondering if Toshi and Hitomi will ever really get married! Fun and excitement close to home for our lovely Cats. I wisely decided NOT to include the god awful inappropriate sub track I made. That means all the Dirty thoughts are yours. Still a fun little romp. Omg is right S2E7 has the wrong episode name… It’s “The sweet life” not “nice trap” the number of the episode is correct though.

S2e p06



I will take a short breather from the second season to get the next batch of season 1 out… so hang in there Its all going to get done.

Unless its high-octane pop rock! I just re-watched an old favorite and thought that you folks could use another blast from the past! Kaleido Star was and is one of my favorite anime in the “underdog wins” style. This anime is a wonderful treat for children between the ages of 4 and 12 as well as for anyone who doesn’t want heavy drama all tha time. Believe me there is drama but its the kind that gets resolved quickly and neatly enough to be entertaining but not over the top. I have 2 videos for you today Tattoo Kiss, the third opening to the series and  Yakusoku no Basho e~(to the promised place) which is the second opening as well as the opening for the 3rd OVA which never had a U.S. release. I will be subbing the OVA later using the dvd as source so that you no longer need the old hardsubbed avi. The video for Tattoo Kiss was encoded by someone else I just subbed it so THANK YOU to the encoder.

Enjoy these HQ music videos

Tattoo Kiss

Yakusoku no Basho e~(to the promised place)


A BD release?

YES! DMNHIRO over at his site decided not to do these. So I said I would. unfortunately they are the Horriblesubs script retimed and with added karaoke. Episode 1 has both Opening and ending Kara while ep2 only has opening kara because I am not going to download hardsubs just to transcribe them. Sorry about that. But enjoy these HQ encodes. If you want the rest just leave a comment saying so! I want to hear from you. ep1 ep2