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Merry New Year!

Here are the Cat’s Eye episodes from season 2 that I promised. Translation accuracy is only about 75% or so because some things just HAD to be paraphrased or they would not make sense. Presented in glorious 576p with ac3 japanese audio….

Season 2 episode 1:

Season 2 episode 2:

Season 2 episode 3:



It seems that my tracker site does not allow “upscales”. When I encoded from the source to 720p the video looked very good. Virtually indistinguishable from the original. However since the source is 576p DVD (european PAL format) that is what resolution I will have to release in. Don’t worry I will change it to NTSC (USA,Japan) format. I have enjoyed Watching the following 3 episodes even though I had to re-watch them a million times to get the subs correct and to make sure they were in sync with the video. Expect season 2 episodes 1~3 soon!

Here is a Treat!

While cruising down memory lane I came across a real gem from 1997. Its Cat’s Eye, the motion picture. I mentioned it earlier. I have decided to release it now as an early Christmas present because the holiday is going to interfere with my ability to get the Anime out as fast as I’d like to. This does contain spoilerish moments, however it is enjoyable in and of itself. The three leading ladies are also fabulous as well. As with all anime adaptations this one does have some problems with the action scenes, they are minor. This movie most closely follows season 1 of the anime and skips a lot of season 2 entirely. I still think you will enjoy it a lot!

Here it is! In Its final home. Enjoy!

What!… Cat’s Eye Season2 720p!

I have found some french masters to use for season 2 of Cat’s Eye! I will use them to ramp up translations and timing so that I may put out batches of 3 every few days. But don’t worry I will still be re-doing season 1 for those who do not have it yet. That season will remain in SD format because I do not want to re-encode them. The first batch is shaping up nicely so get ready for some AWSOMENESS!… Depending on what I get and at what speed they may be a bit out of order untill I get everything. If you know of any older Anime that are not in english but have a DVD or BD ISO i can use subbed in another language (French, Italian or German prefered) please post a link on the suggestion page. Thank you for your support.

Say what,

I found some really horrible, and by horrible I mean almost unreadable, hardsubbed episodes of Cat’s Eye season 2. I have used what was there to try and re-create the dialogue in english for the first episode and would really appreciate it if you would give me feedback on it. If it meets with your approval, I will continue to try to get all 37 of the second season out as well as the first.

Here is the link…..

Changes are a commin’

Its been noted that my current batch of Cat’s Eye is missing the OP&ED sequences… this has now been remedied. So starting from episode 7 to the end i will have a different style sheet with the OP&ED put into the the script. When the whole series is done I will release a ver.2  of whatever needs to be fixed. Untill then enjoy!

And here is your next dose of exitement

Here you are! Episodes 2~6 of Cat’s Eye. I would like you to pay special attention to the music at the start of episode 4… the prize for guessing the song (and its original band) is acknowledgement of your intelligence. This set really starts to get you into the Cat’s Eye story. Here now are episodes 2~6:


A day late and a line short

Oops! I did not realize what day it was when i made my last post. we are now looking at a saturday release of Cats Eye. Since this is a one man show sometimes I under-estimate the time it takes me to get something done… especially when a new anime comes out. When I make the release I will link it right away.

Easy peasy…

I am going to release the rest of the Cat’s Eye series in batches of 6. this means that the next release will be episodes 2~6 because 1 has already been released. Expect them by friday! If you really want it I also have Cat’s Eye the movie (live action) as well. Just let me know when you want to see it, before or after the series?