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And here is an Anime…

This is an old series called Cat’s Eye. It features 3 women as cat burglars with the agenda to steal all of the artwork that used to belong to their father from their current owners. Throughout the series the use of comedy alongside the more serious content is executed well. While the current state of the video looks like a VHS copy it was taken from the R-1 dvd released by ImaginAsian Entertainment. The subtitles are re-edited and softsubbed in localized english. This Anime had been parodied since 1984 and onwards due to its popularity so if you think you have seen an episode or two here and there that used this schtick here is the original!

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Happy Hollidays…

Happy thanksgiving america… here is another AMV for you a day late and stuffed full of  everything! Fruits Candy, the third ending theme of Card Captor Sakura and my personal favorite by Megumi Kojima. …..

Amv tribute..

I have made a tribute video for Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi. In 2013 There will be a re-boot of the sailor moon franchise. In the early 1990’s I came across this anime on tv. The american company that had the privilege to show it to american audiences severely cut it up and censored it for american children. However it still appealed to many because of the story line and (for the most part) engaging characters. Now having been able to watch all 200 episodes, including season 5 which did not air in america, I can safely say I still like this one. I think that with enough clamor from the fans when Sailor Moon 2013 is licensed for north america it will be treated with respect. For those that have not seen season 5 look for Sailor Moon Center and check them out. For a review I know this isn’t much but this is one of those love it or hate it shows. For the most part people seem to love it after seeing the original uncut series. Those that base their opinions on the mutilated DIC version, well…  I hope you can see the original and then make up your mind whether you like it or not. I am surely going to have a good day in 2013 when i get to watch the new Sailor moon!    …. here ye go! here is the wiki

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