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And sooo damn cute!

While on safari for new and unsubbed music video’s I found this! It was right there next to a lot of other video’s that had just the romaji in terribad shape, so I thought I could do a better job with the subtitles. I really didn’t want to edit or reinterpret too much so the lyrics may or may not be totally accurate.  That said you really have to watch this three times to get the full experience. once with subs, once watching the forground and the third watching what happens in the background. I laughed so hard and thought, “hey I have to share this!” and here it is. Nekomimi Switch!

Following that i found this other video that was actually animated and not using the MMD program with Miku flying through the clouds. While not as cute it was still entertaining and sweet. Here she is in classic animation style, Miku:  Sekiranun Grafitti


…and Getting Cuter

The long version of the Pre-Cure DX3 movie opening theme. with hiragana/romaji/english subs. Its the same song from DX1 & 2 just a little longer to reflect the addition of more Pre-Cure. Again family wins the suggestion poll.
Also looking for suggestions on unsubbed videos that you would like to see with actual subs on ’em. Drop by and let me know what you want. I liked the music on this. Its fast and upbeat. Please buy the Movies and any Pre-cure series that get a release in North America and help support the Anime industry. is the place to go get it!

Cute is Cute

Here is a little video I did up for a member of the family. It’s the ending theme for Heartcatch Pre-Cure. The show itself is very well done with a storyline that’s not all action or all talk. It walks a fine line there and does it well.  The animation is CGI but after the first few minutes you forget that and start enjoying the story. Aside from some forced plot devices here and there the story flows smoothly and effortlessly from beginning to end. Watch for some elements that will give you a better insight into the Pre-Cure universe. Overall I give this show a 9/10 for music and 8.5 for video (that may have just been my bad eyesight). LOL I do believe that you will be able to enjoy this with the children. Or even just by yourself, it’s a guilty pleasure.

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