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This particular anime is very fun to watch. The Original Ova from 1994 was reworked into a tv season (Everyone has Wings) in 2005 and a sequel (Flights of Fancy) in 2006. Along the way there were three side stories The Adventures of the Mini-Godesses, a 20th anniversary ova “Fighting Wings” and the movie. In 2011 The last of the known OVA/OAD’s was released with The title “together forever” and continued from where season two left off. This is a sweet yet dramatic take on wish fufilment. Sometimes you just want to reach into the screen and shake up poor Keiichi (lead male) and tell him to kiss the girl already. (Oh,wait…) This is the running theme throughout the series as well as the interactions of the main cast (Keiichi, Beldandy, Urd and Skuld) with the rest of the world.

The Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses side series stars Beldandy, Urd and Skuld in chibi mode along with Gan the rat (the earth deity from the main series). Full of humor and mishaps its perfect for younger children where the more mature themes in the main series is suggested for american children ages 10 and up.

Fighting Wings is a side story about Lind, another goddess who is a friend to Beldandy. With only 2 episodes its tightly woven and well told. if you watch it between seasons 1&2 it fits well. There are surprises in the OVA that I will not give away so be sure to watch.

Ah! My Goddess, The Movie can be watched after you watch seasons 1 and 2 though you should watch it after all the others. It’s a testimony to both Keiichi and Beldandy’s love for each other. If watching a whole series before the movie isn’t your style the movie still holds its own. Exiting and dramatic is a very good description.

This is my longest review so far because this is on my top ten ANIME TO WATCH list. Enjoy the romp in Keiichi’s world!


Old doesn’t mean bad…

Here is another blast from the past. Shiawase no Iro by Yoko Ishida. It comes in 2 flavors AMV and PV(live) the live is a bit different then the album recording but not by much. The amv is 25fps due to the source being what it was but runs fine on a computer and the pv even if its lower quality is 30fps so its more compliant with stand alone players.  here is your link    Thank you Sakurahime for the translation.

Get your lifevests….

Today I have an older song… I just came across it again today and decided it needed some tlc.  It is still one of my top 10 anime songs to date. Here, for your enjoyment is Rie fu ~life is like a boat~ (2006) live.

I need some AIR

Hello again! Today I have TWO new video’s for you. Tori no Uta-The bird song from the anime (and game) AIR. The anime was so fun to watch and the music pulls you along.   Here is the link. If you have not seen the anime you are surely missing out….go get it! you’ll be glad you did.


In anticipation of my 25 thousandth (yes I mean 25k) download I have a treat for you that has slipped past many. here it is in a portable form, Livetune feat. Hatsune Miku ~Tell Your World~

I have tried to use the program that makes Miku dance and sing but failed miserably. I applaud anyone who can use it and actually post their results. DAMN I am jealous! Enjoy the music. If you would like to see more of Hatsune Miku let me know.

Here we go!

Here is a new video for your enjoyment! K-on ending  ~Don’t say “lazy”~ Here’s the link Enjoy!

What the….

What is 50 million years old, 18 inches tall and makes Superman look like a wimp? The answer is GON. I came across this anime recently and its different, really different. It’s about this cute little dinosaur named Gon. He doesn’t say much but he loves to play. The series is for children yet I think if you are tired of “adult anime” and wish to just laugh this ones for you. A series of short stories that kinda of remind me of the old episodic cartoons of the 40’s yet with up to date computer animation. I f you like to laugh, are a kid at heart, and like mindless fun GON gets a 10/10!

Grab this for the kids and laugh along yourself!