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It has come to my attention that my efforts are in vain. Bad translations, horrible timing etc.  I am Roflmao! Of course they are bad. These titles I put out are more for me then an attempt to be perfect. As the wise one says: “if you can do better, join the party!”

Here’s the thing, most subbing groups are started by university students as something to do in their spare time, NOT as a full-time job. What this means to you is that you get what you pay for. In other words it’s all for fun so don’t expect something you would get from people who get paid to do it.

Most groups are very good at what they do and some not so great. I like that aspect of the community. if you feel someone is doing well you get their stuff.  If someone is doing something you like then drops it because they are bored to death of it (600 ep series anyone?) you can’t really complain. What I personally would love to see is a group committed to getting those last few episodes of series that have been abandoned when 98% of the episodes are already done.

So in conclusion we all do what we like and if you like someone elses efforts more than mine I am happy for you. I do this for the fun and hope you have fun watching as well.


On Subbing…

I love to see subtitles on my music videos when the words are not in english. I know others  do as well and that’s why I started this blog.  The method i use is basically brute force machine translations unless I can get a decent translation from another source.

Almost none of the translations that I do  are from scratch. Of the ones that are, I expect errors, so I hope you do not get your hopes up. If you want me to mark my machine translations just post a comment.

A new video!

SuperCell has a video out called A PERFECT DAY and its animated! I have taken time and effort to bring the english translation to the masses. Using my considerable skill at finding ways to mess things up, I have used both the Italian and the Japanese to bring you this release. Enjoy! Check the comments for the link.

Rewiew… Guilty Crown

While the name implies one thing the actual anime is something quite different. The music is a strong backdrop to what promises to be an epic storyline. With good visuals and a cast that initially engages you it somewhat falls short of its goal. This anime turns out to be far simpler and yet more complex then the number of episodes can encompass.

With repeated viewing you will find subtleties woven into the story that are not apparent at first. I do not know if that was intended or not but it works. Falling in love, wanting to be normal, sudden destiny. Its all there in one grand package! if violence and angst are not your thing then this isn’t the anime for you. If depth with a well thought out plotline is what you are after this also isn’t for you. Its a contradiction that works for this anime.

I give this anime a rating of 8/10 for visual style, 7/10 for plot and a 9/10 for music. (10/10 for the first opening and 7~8/10 for insert and endings songs)

Hey all I just upped my latest translation for the Da Capo franchise. I know its a very loose tranlation but with online machines and little knowlege of japanese whadda ya goning to do?. If you have a better translation you are more then welcome to redo this.

Now I will take suggestions ..

If you have a favorite PV for an anime leave me a note with a link (when possible) to a high quality raw. If unavailable I can always make a Karaoke video.

Need some help

If you can translate from the ROMAJI to english for those few times I can get a script, it would help to get more vids out to you. Perfect english isn’t required. I can do some editing and if you translate you also get a shout out as a contributor (if you want it).

This goes for both Anime and AMV’s.

Here is where you will find my latest (also my first) effort at subbing.

I like the first opening theme for guilty crown. At this time I am learning how to use Aegisub and have created subs (sometimes called simple karoke) for it. Its an awsome song and in a later post i will post a link where you can get the video and rate my efforts.

Hello and Wecome!

Hello! this is going to be a site to discuss/ review anime and anime music. This is my first BLOG so bear with me till I get settled in. 🙂